Supporting Small Businesses & Creating Jobs

Small businesses are the backbone of our district, and our country. They invest in our local communities, create jobs, and become part of the fabric of our daily lives. Small businesses were hit especially hard by the pandemic, and I will continue fighting for the funds they need to reopen and thrive. As the only Member of Congress from New Jersey on the Small Business Committee, I’m championing our small businesses to make sure they have the resources they need.

Small businesses have been a priority for me throughout my time in Congress, and I’ve sponsored and voted for legislation that brings small business owners needed relief:

Small businesses were the first to feel the effects of the pandemic, and I want to make sure they are among the first to experience the recovery. I’ll always fight to give them the resources to grow, succeed, and contribute to our communities. And I’ll always look for ways to promote economic growth, create more good-paying American jobs in New Jersey, and strengthen our workforce for the future.