Ending Corruption in Government

Americans deserve to have complete faith in the people who choose to serve in our government and the people they elect.

That means we need to know that politicians aren't profiting off their positions or blindly pursuing power at the expense of the people they serve. 

From the moment I decided to run for office in 2018, I’ve prioritized making our government more transparent and holding public officials accountable. 

While in Congress, I have:

I know for some, New Jersey politics — and politics in general — has a reputation for corruption. Many people and politicians brush it off, saying that’s just Jersey. 

But we can do better. I know New Jerseyans are fed up with corrupt politics and powerful political families calling the shots. That means they’re fed up with dishonesty, greed, and politicians only looking out for themselves and their families. 

Now more than ever, New Jersey needs hardworking, trustworthy leaders focused on the common good, bringing integrity into our politics, and bringing people together. Together, we can create an America where democracy, civility, trust, and respect flourish.