Ending Government Corruption

​​Democracy relies on the people to create the kind of change we want to see. It's a collective effort. The more people participate in our democracy, the stronger it becomes.

I often tell people that the opposite of democracy is apathy – a sense of helplessness, that your voice or vote won’t matter. When leaders take bribes in exchange for political favors, they shatter the trust with the folks they represent. People lose faith. The corruption fosters apathy.

That’s why I’ve made ending corruption a pillar of my work and my campaign. I don’t take corporate PAC money, relying on the power of grassroots donors to fuel our work.

In Washington, I’m leading the charge on strengthening campaign finance and ethics reforms, ending gerrymandering, and protecting voting rights. I’m also pressing on to stop Members of Congress and Senators from being able to buy and trade individual stocks. You deserve to know that your elected representatives are looking out for your best interest, not their stock portfolio.

We must hold our leaders to a higher standard and demand that they not only protect our democracy but help it thrive.