March 23, 2024

ICYMI - Rep. Andy Kim on MSNBC: People in New Jersey Want “A New Generation of Leadership”

MOORESTOWN N.J. – Earlier today, Congressman Andy Kim joined Alex Witt on MSNBC where he discussed the power of a growing movement to restore integrity to politics in New Jersey, and the broken politics New Jerseyans are seeing from machine politicians and MAGA Republicans.

The interview, which can be found here, also touched on the government funding deal passed overnight by the U.S. Senate, and the terror attack in Russia by ISIS-K. Highlights from Congressman Kim include:

New Jersey Senate Primary

“Right now, people in New Jersey, they want a politics that is grounded in integrity. They want a new generation of leadership to step up. And right now, I am getting a lot of support across the state from people who are tired of the same old, same old broken politics that are out there. So whether Menendez, wherever he is on the ballot, whether he's there on the ballot in November or not, I will beat him. I will win the seat and I will do my best to try to represent the people in New Jersey in a way that they haven't been represented before by him.”

GOP Congressional Dysfunction and Budget Deal Passage

“...What I would say is that, you know, we needed to get this done. It was an embarrassment in front of the entire nation, frankly, the entire world that we've been kicking this can down the road for months.”

ISIS-K Terror Attack on Russia

“...This is something that I've been tracking for a long time. I worked for two years at the White House National Security Council, focused on countering ISIS. I have, back in 2019, I went out to Afghanistan when I was a member of Congress, in particular about issues related to ISIS, Khorasan. So we certainly see the rising concern and threat. But also what we see from here is just the scope of their ambition and their capacity to actually be able to follow through on that. And that is something that's very alarming, something that's much more concrete than what we've seen in years past.