March 17, 2024

Congressman Andy Kim Wins Atlantic County Convention with 74% of the Vote

EGG HARBOR CITY N.J. – This afternoon, Congressman Andy Kim decidedly won the Atlantic County Convention with 74% of the vote and with a 48-point margin of victory, receiving 156-54 votes over First Lady Tammy Murphy. This victory joins the long list of Andy Kim wins when rank-and-file democrats participate in this decision and can vote via secret ballot, as the hundreds of Atlantic County delegates voted anonymously using paper ballots.

"Our momentum is growing stronger every day and we are winning in every corner of New Jersey,” said Congressman Andy Kim. “I thank those across Atlantic County who stood by me today as we take our effort to restore integrity and deliver for working people across New Jersey."

A clear pattern has emerged during this year’s ‘Convention Cycle’ that proves Andy Kim wins when the choice is up to the voters who are allowed to vote via secret ballot and without undue pressure from New Jersey’s political machine. The results speak for themselves- In Monmouth County, Andy won 265-181 over First Lady Tammy Murphy with 60% of the vote. In Burlington County, he won 245-21 over Tammy Murphy only to win again the following day in Hunterdon County with 62% of the vote. He went on to win in Sussex County with 57% of the vote and Warren County by over 80%. He won Ocean County’s convention with 86% of the vote and a 73-point victory margin. He went on to win Mercer County’s convention with 62% of the vote, completely shutting out Tammy Murphy from the 40% threshold needed to secure the line. In stark contrast, First Lady Tammy Murphy has seemingly only gained endorsements when decided by the party bosses or through pressure tactics like denying secret ballots at conventions.

First elected to Congress in 2018 at the age of 36, three-term Congressman Andy Kim is one of the younger members to serve in Congress and is the first Asian American elected to federal office from New Jersey. If elected to the Senate, Andy would be the 4th youngest Senator, the first senator from South Jersey in recent memory, and the first Asian American elected to the Senate from the entire east coast of America. In 2018 and 2020, Andy defeated two self-funding millionaires in a district carried by former President Trump, and in 2022 Kim defeated his third self-funding millionaire opponent by 12 points.

In his three terms in Congress, Andy has worked hard to lower costs for New Jersey families and help support small businesses through challenging times. Andy has also been a leading champion in fighting against corruption in our broken politics.