March 9, 2024

ICYMI - Big Money Seeking to Influence NJ State Government Fuels Tammy Murphy’s Machine-Driven Campaign

MOORESTOWN N.J. – This morning, another headline shows that First Lady Tammy Murphy’s campaign continues to be powered by those seeking to use campaign funds to stay in favor with the NJ State Government, especially as the budget process kicks off.

The story in today’s Star Ledger (below) shows hundreds of thousands of dollars have poured into Murphy’s campaign account by “contractors and lobbyists with business at the Statehouse.” This is in contrast to Kim’s campaign, which as of the last filing, consisted of 92% of donations received being $100 or less, with $0 coming from the support of corporate PACs.

“These campaigns are not the same when it comes to who truly fuels them,” said spokesperson Katey Sabo. “Andy Kim has galvanized tens of thousands of grassroots donors and has been at the forefront of combating corruption and big money in our politics in Congress. Tammy Murphy is openly taking corporate PAC money and depending on the influence of a political system her family controls. That’s not what voters want, and it’s exactly what they’ll reject in June.”

Star Ledger: One source of Tammy Murphy campaign cash: State contractors and lobbyists, disclosures show

In her U.S. Senate bid, First Lady Tammy Murphy has tapped a pot of campaign cash from contractors and lobbyists who do business with the state government led by Gov. Phil Murphy, an NJ Advance Media analysis has found.

Murphy received dozens of donations from executives, lawyers, lobbyists and others tied to companies that either hold contracts with the state government or lobby state agencies and the state Legislature, disclosures show.