March 6, 2024

Monmouth Poll Shows Andy Kim as Strongest Candidate to Win in November, Murphy’s Favorables Underwater with Key Voters

MOORESTOWN N.J. – Today, a Monmouth University poll showed that Congressman Andy Kim holds a massive advantage over First Lady Tammy Murphy with Democratic voters going into June’s primary election, and would be the strongest Democrat to hold the Senate seat with a large lead with Independent voters going into November’s general election.

“Holding the Senate majority is vital. We cannot take any chances here in NJ,” said Congressman Kim. “Today’s Monmouth Poll shows that the campaign we’re building is the strongest in the state and will help other Democrats up and down the ballot so we don’t just keep the Senate, but retake the House and win races across New Jersey.”

The poll, which is found here, highlights the following advantages for Kim:

Kim holds a big advantage with Democratic voters
Kim favorable/unfavorable: 48% - 2% (+46)
Murphy favorable/unfavorable: 24%-13% (+11)

Kim seen as more favorable by Democratic women voters
Kim favorable/unfavorable: 42% - 2% (+40)
Murphy favorable/unfavorable: 26% - 9% (+17)

Kim as seen as more favorable with Democratic men, while Murphy struggles to break even
Kim favorable/unfavorable: 57% - 1% (+56)
Murphy favorable/unfavorable: 21% - 20% (+1)

Kim seen as more favorable in North Jersey
Kim favorable/unfavorable: 37% - 2% (+35)
Murphy favorable/unfavorable: 22% - 12% (+10)

Murphy underwater with all voters going into November
Murphy favorable/unfavorable: 14%-26% (-12)

A majority of Independent voters say they will not vote for Murphy in November “Currently, a larger number of independents say they will not vote for Murphy (51%) than say the same about Kim (33%), Serrano Glassner (30%), or Bashaw (30%).”