February 23, 2024

ICYMI - Tammy Murphy’s Trump Double Standard

MOORESTOWN N.J. – During last Sunday’s virtual debate between Congressman Andy Kim and First Lady Tammy Murphy, she failed in an attempt to tie Congressman Kim to Donald Trump and stated, “Donald Trump is a real problem, and people who work with Donald Trump are also a real problem,” coincidentally hiding her own connections with Trump and his family. Not only did she and Governor Murphy have dinner with the Trump family less than 3 months before announcing her interest in running for Senate, but they did so at the same time that it was announced that the Kushners were getting huge tax breaks for development in the state of NJ.

Tammy Murphy with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

A registered Republican until 2014, Tammy has stated her background is ‘irrelevant’, but in what world does the First Lady think that being friends with the Trump family represents Democratic Party values? This comes after it was discovered that she donated six figures to the Republican party that prioritized tax cuts for wealthy people like her, over the rights of women and LGBTQ individuals, with a timeline indicating that she only left when it was politically convenient. While her campaign talking point states that the Republican party “left her”, she didn't leave a lifelong commitment to standing with people like Jared and Ivanka Kushner over working people.

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Although the picture was posted to the Ristorante MV Instagram Stories timeline on Feb. 11, it appears to have actually been taken back on July 6, 2023—the same day the governor signed a legislative package that could benefit the Kushner family’s development company.

Earlier that same week in July 2023, the Kushner Companies announced plans to knock down a shopping mall in Eatontown, New Jersey, and replace it with the “Monmouth Square” development. Under the Assembly Bill 5644/Senate Bill 4023 package Murphy signed on July 6, changes to the Aspire Program will allow developers to secure more public financing for similar projects, giving the Kushner Companies a chance to gain substantial government assistance in future developments.