February 18, 2024

Kim Keeps Campaign Momentum Going with Decisive Victory in First Debate Against Tammy Murphy

MOORESTOWN N.J. – Tonight, Congressman Kim demonstrated why he has a double-digit lead in the latest public poll with an overwhelming victory over First Lady Tammy Murphy in the first debate of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate from New Jersey. The debate, which was held virtually and hosted by New Jersey Globe, On New Jersey, and the Rebovich Institute of New Jersey Politics at Rider University, showed Kim as the best advocate for New Jersey’s working families and the best voice in the Senate to tackle myriad global challenges. Congressman Kim now looks to continue this momentum at the next round of county conventions happening in Hunterdon County and his home of Burlington County later this month.

“Tonight, New Jersey voters saw two very different candidates running two very different campaigns,” said Congressman Andy Kim. “I’m running a grassroots-powered campaign because I’m running to represent working people who are doing everything they can to get by. These are people I grew up with here in New Jersey; they’re people who are tired of being told who to vote for by elite party bosses, and they’re people who are tired of politicians, not public servants, who put their own interests before the people’s. There’s so much at stake in this election; we can’t get it wrong. We have to hold this Senate seat, defeat Donald Trump, and make sure we protect our democracy and essential rights. I know I’m the best candidate to do that and I look forward to continue making my case directly to New Jersey voters.”

Here’s what happened tonight:

Andy Kim Opening Statement: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759387309303079003?s=20

“It’s about restoring integrity. It’s about trust. It’s about public service. But that gets at risk when we have a Senator who is indicted on corruption and now we’re seeing the same broken politics that protected the Senator for so many years now trying to put its thumb on the scale of our elections, including this Senate race. We’re better than that...I believe the Democratic party is a party of protecting Democracy, about restoring integrity, about giving true meaning to what public service is. And that is what I am trying to do right now as I’m running for the United States Senate.”

Tammy Murphy on where she stands on New Jersey’s “County Line”: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759393642874065291?s=20

“We are all working within the same system and if there are improvements to be made, then let’s have the improvement.”

Tammy Murphy on being a registered Republican until 2014: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759395239897317877?s=20

“With respect to the Republican Party…the Republican party left me…there was no road left.”

Andy Kim to Tammy Murphy on her Republican history: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759401267086979099?s=20

Rep. Kim: “I guess my question to you is, if the current Republican party has left you, what form of the past Republican party are you okay with?

Tammy: “I would reiterate what I’ve been doing…I’ve been a Democrat for 10 years.”

Andy Kim on fighting big money in politics and not taking corporate PAC money: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759410911649915167?s=20

“For seven years I’ve not taken a dime of corporate PAC money, whereas the First Lady just in her first few weeks has already taken corporate PAC money in her first campaign.”

Andy Kim Closing Statement: https://x.com/TeamAndyHQ/status/1759415026421543344?s=20

“I believe that the opposite of democracy is apathy. We cannot give in to the helplessness and that feeling of apathy. We have to fight and stay engaged. So that question is; what motivates us? What pushes us to do that? I call that our north star. For me, you heard me, what my north star is. My north star are my kids. I will fight and do everything possible for my kids. I ask you all to think about your north star. What is it that you think about the moment you wake up? What is the last thing you worry about at the end of the day? Let us fight for that. Have that be what’s in your mind when you think about who to vote for. I hope I can earn your support. And I humbly ask to earn your vote to be the next Senator from New Jersey.