People Before Politics

​​Regardless of your political beliefs and leaning, I hope we can all agree that we should respect our democracy. I believe the Capitol building is the most beautiful building in America. It is the living embodiment of our precious Constitution. It should never be disrespected.

Our democracy is something that we need to care for, nurture, and defend. Those who want to harm it are no match for those of us who believe in it.

But defending our democracy will take work. It will take a new kind of politics — the kind of politics I have been practicing since I first decided to run for Congress. We must put people over politics to change our nation’s trajectory.

We cannot legislate our way out of political division. We must lead by example. We will heal by recognizing the humanity in each other and accepting that we are going to debate and disagree but without resorting to violence and vitriol. We must defend our ideals by doing the hard work of reaching across divides to remember the shared values that bring us together as Americans.

Together, we can keep building the promise of America — the promise that we are always shaping a better future for the next generation.

I know you are doing this work alongside me, and I’m proud to share it with you.