We have to meet the urgency of the moment

Posted on May 4, 2022.

This week's leaked draft of the Supreme Court's decision on Roe. v. Wade has many feeling deeply anxious and fearful.

It's important to remember that Monday night's leaked draft from the Supreme Court isn't final – the right to an abortion is still the law of the land.

That said, if the final decision reflects the draft we saw, then reproductive rights that have been protected for 49 years could be stripped away instantly.

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This is a stark reminder that we can't take anything for granted, even after a half century. Let's be clear: overturning Roe won't stop abortion, it will just make it more dangerous. And almost all of that danger will be borne by women, particularly women of color.

It's true that overturning Roe v. Wade doesn't mean abortion is banned everywhere; sixteen states, including New Jersey, have laws on the books protecting the right to choose, no matter what the Court decides.

But this issue is bigger than that; the right of every person to choose what to do with their own body is an essential human right. Human rights don't stop at the state line, and we can't allow regressive, anti-democratic judges, governors, or legislators to take basic rights away from anyone, regardless of where they live.

This isn't hypothetical or in the distant future. If the Court's final decision reflects this draft, then women's right to make their own health care decisions will be gone this summer.

We have to understand the importance of this decision and meet the urgency of the moment.

Our movement has to organize a pro-choice tidal wave at the polls this year, electing leaders who are ready on day one to enshrine the right to choose in a clear, definitive federal law, and who will never stop fighting for reproductive freedom for everyone, everywhere in this country.

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