BREAKING NEWS: Things just got a lot tougher for Andy.

Posted on April 20, 2022.

We have a critical alert for you.

Today, the Cook Political Report downgraded Andy's race from "Solid Democratic" to "Likely Democratic." In other words, they think this race is getting tougher for Andy.

Cook headline: 'House Rating Changes: Eight Races Move in Republicans' Direction'

We're still on track to win, but only if we have Andy's back. Please chip in $9 right now to make sure we've got the resources we need to hold this seat.

One of Andy's Republican opponents is a self-funding multimillionaire who's ready to dump piles of his own cash into the race. And Andy's already on the National Republican Congressional Committee's target list.

The NRCC will see today's news as an opportunity to ramp up the campaign against Andy. They'll pour tons of money into the district to distort Andy's record, and give cover to dishonest attacks from dark money groups and donors.

Will you show the GOP money machine that our grassroots movement isn't backing down? Please donate $9 now.

Let's make sure there's no doubt in their mind that we stand with Andy Kim.

Team Andy