Say its name

Posted on April 19, 2022.

I want to update you on the fight to end the opioid epidemic. It doesn't always get prime time attention on the news, but it continues to hollow out communities nationwide, including in my home district of NJ-03.

People are dying. In fact, at least one person dies in NJ-03 every day. That means nearly everyone in my district has been hurt by this tragedy, whether they've struggled with addiction personally or watched a loved one wrestle with it.

The epidemic isn't merely a drug problem; it's a human-made plague that pushes people apart, making families, friends, and neighbors nearly unrecognizable. But the pain in folks' faces – and the desperation of their actions – is heartbreaking.

That's why I've made ending this epidemic a focal point of my work in Congress so far.

In my first year in Congress, I joined with members of both parties to back an extra $500 million to fund new research for opioid treatment programs. I also wrote the Synthetic Opioid Danger Awareness Act to warn the public about the dangers of synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and its analogues. I was proud to see this important bill pass the House late last year and will continue to push my colleagues in the Senate to do the same.

And this year, I made sure our federal budget included funding for HOPE ONE, a mobile access unit that offers overdose prevention training, referrals to recovery services, and other resources for people and family members struggling with addiction in Burlington County.

I’m proud of our work, but the job’s still a long way from being done. The need remains great and people are still suffering every day. The scale of this problem demands a massive, thoughtful, evidence-based response. I won’t rest until we have it.

Stay tuned,