Two promises I make:

Posted on December 30, 2021.

Democracy takes grit, passion, a thick skin, and a willingness to fight for what you believe in. I see all of those qualities every day in Congress. I hear about them every day from my constituents. They're key elements of the promise I made the people of New Jersey when I ran for Congress.

A successful democracy also takes generosity, compassion, a kind heart, and a willingness to listen. When political divisions seem like they are widening it's important for all of us to exhibit those same qualities with our neighbors.

And they're the core of the promise I make every day, not just to my constituents, but to my neighbors, my friends, my parents, and my kids, and they're the heart of this movement.

In the new year, we'll continue to show up for democracy by focusing on what unites us, building relationships, and bringing people together. Will you please chip in now, before our end-of-year deadline tomorrow, to fuel this movement in 2022?

Conflict is simple: when we hear folks talking about division, undermining our elections, or blocking progress, it would be really easy to get cynical and withdraw, or to get scared and go on the attack.

Instead, we've chosen to stay invested in the work while building a movement for something better, and we're not going to give up after making so much progress.

Please build the movement by making a donation ahead of our deadline tomorrow.

In Congress next year, I'll keep working to move past division and fear towards helping everyone who lives here achieve the American Dream. Let's start this year off right by bringing integrity back to Congress and doing the jobs we were elected to do.

In solidarity,