Three districts. Three top targets. One grassroots effort.

Posted on December 21, 2021.

I'm working with my friends, Rep. Abigail Spanberger of VA-07 and Rep. Tom Malinowski in NJ-07 on an end-of-year joint grassroots effort.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has put all three of us on their "target list" for 2022, and special interests have been quick to heed the call. Dark money groups are already pouring in millions to lie about the progress we've made.

Abigail, Tom, and I don't have (or want) shady dark money groups on our side. We've got a growing team of thousands of grassroots supporters like you ready to step up and defend our democracy.

Would you please chip in $3 to keep building our people-powered movement?

Like me, Abigail and Tom came to Washington to serve people, not powerful special interests, and focus on the needs of working families, not corporate lobbyists.

They've been critical allies in Congress, committed to building a future for our children filled with hope, equity, and opportunity. I've worked side by side with both of them in the effort to expand access to health care, protect reproductive rights, take bold action on the climate crisis, and safeguard our elections.

After November's closer-than-expected elections in New Jersey and Virginia, the NRCC is laser-focused on our districts and preparing to ratchet up their attacks on Tom, Abigail, and me in the new year.

Time to get to work. Please chip in before our end-of-year fundraising deadline to make sure we hit the ground running in 2022.